The president of the Prince William County teachers association lashed out yesterday against the county school board's budget proposal for next year, saying teachers will not settle for a 3 percent pay raise while the county spends thousands of dollars on computers.

Meanwhile, RIF notices went out yesterday to 21 art, music and English teachers and 24 other school employes, marking the first RIF in Prince William schools in two years.

Anthony Futyma, whose 1,600 member Prince William Education Association had sought a 9 percent wage increase, said teachers are the school system's most valuable resource. "But, obviously our school superintendent has other priorities--such as computers," Futyma said.

The budget proposal approved by the school board this week includes $113.6 million in expenditures, an increase of only 1.3 percent over this year. It allocates about $2.25 million for a 3 percent across-the-board salary increase for teachers, and $220,000 for classroom computers. County teachers, whose $17,428 average salary ranks 10th out of 131 school districts in the state, received a 6 percent raise last year.

The budget proposal now goes to the County Board of Supervisors for consideration next month. Members of the county board have not indicated whether they will approve it.