University of Maryland student leaders are expected to ask the board of regents this week to approve about $275,000 to pay for increased security measures on the College Park campus.

The request has been linked to the recent abduction and rape of a student on the campus last month.

Student leaders are expected to ask that an additional $35,000 be spent on more security guards and $240,000 for a systrem of emergency telephones. The phones would be placed about the campus at 300-foot intervals.

"It's unfortunate that the incident had to happen," said David K. Fram, a student regent, referring to the abduction. "But I would hope that this would be a priority among the regents even if it hadn't occurred."

The students are expected to make their request Tuesday at a meeting of the regents' finance committee.

Last year campus officials reported nine sexual attacks or attempted sexual assaults on the campus. After nine sexual assaults were reported in 1979, campus officials augmented foot patrols by security personnel. Use of emergency phones and a student escort service were also initiated. Officials credited these measures for helping reduce the number of sexual assaults in 1980 to four. Last year's attacks and the recent incident appear however to have revived concerns.