Commerce (NOAA) in Rockville wants a Grade 4 or 5 clerk (typing) for permanent, part-time work. Call 443-8373.

Agriculture needs a GS 12/13 computer systems programmer. Call Betsy O'Connor at 447-7577.

Government Printing Office wants electricians with electronics circuitry experience. Call Jim Curran at 275-2853 for details.

Housing and Urban Development is looking for GS 2 through 4 clerk-typists for temporary duty. HUD also has a GS 4 secretary (typing) permanent position. Call Vivian Barrett at 673-5903.

Defense Communications Agency in Arlington needs a GS 6 secretary-steno. Call Gerald Pittman at 692-2783.

Labor is looking for two GS 7 (status) computer programmers. Call Richard Elman at 523-8340.

International Trade Commission wants a clerk-typist, GS 5/6. Call 523-0756.

Office of Naval Research in Arlington wants GS 3, 4 or 5 clerk-steno. Call Carol Mitchell at 696-4705.

Commerce in Georgetown has GS 4/5 openings (temporary) for clerk-typists. Call Shirley Lyons at 634-7408.

Health and Human Services wants a GS 12 computer programmer analyst. Call 245-1940.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in Falls Church wants a GS 4/5 secretary. Call Guy Hummel at 285-2550.

Space Agency (NASA) headquarters has a GS 7/8 opening for a secretary (typing). Call Karen Sisselberger at 755-8405.