The bondsman's license of Maryland Sen. Tommie Broadwater Jr. has been suspended by Robert Taylor, bail bond commissioner for Prince George's County.

Broadwater, who was arrested Sunday and charged with conspiring to traffic illegally in food stamps, said he believed the suspension--imposed this week--was imposed because he had not paid about $10,000 in forfeited bond money that he had guaranteed.

Under court rules, people charged with an offense who cannot post a bond ensuring their appearance to answer the charge can pay a bail bondsman a fee to post it for them. The bondsman initially pays the court a small percentage of the bond, but must pay the full amount if the person charged does not appear in court within 90 days of a scheduled date.

Taylor refused to say why Broadwater's license was suspended, what procedure was followed or how often such a suspension is imposed.

Broadwater said yesterday that his license had been suspended several times, but has always been reinstated after he had paid money due. He said he expects to pay the forfeited amount by Monday. Some eight clients have not appeared for scheduled court dates, he said, involving bonds ranging from $300 to $2,500.