Actress Faye Emerson, 65, a former wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's son Elliott and of band-leader-pianist Skitch Henderson, died of cancer Wednesday at her home in the Majorcan town of Deya.

A tall, handsome blond, Miss Emerson was a contract player with Warner Bros. film company in the 1940s and appeared on the Broadway stage from 1947 to 1958. She also was a regular participant and guest on numerous television shows.

Her films included "Destination Tokyo," "Nobody Lives Forever," "Blues in the Night," "Manpower," "The Mask of Dimitrios" and "The Hard Way." She played on Broadway in revivals of Molnar's "The Play's the Thing" and Shaw's "Back to Methuselah," "State of the Union," "An Evening with Will Shakespeare" and "Protective Custody."

Miss Emerson was born in Elizabeth, La., and grew up in Texas and southern California. She began her acting career at the San Diego Community Theater and the St. James Repertory Company in Carmel, Calif., where Warners discovered her. She had lived on the island of Majorca since 1975.

Her marriage to William Crawford, a Navy aviator, ended in divorce. In 1944, she married President Roosevelt's third son, Elliott, who was a wartime brigadier general in the Army Air Forces. They were divorced. In 1950 she married Henderson. That marriage ended in divorce in 1958.

Survivors include a son by her first marriage, William Crawford Jr., who was with her when she died.