At least $90,000 is being spent to renovate the office suites of Mayor Marion Barry and his top aides in the District Building, including$30,000 for an overhaul of the mayor's conference room.

City officials said no final budget has been established for the renovation projects on the fourth and fifth floors of the city hall at 14th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

"Each office was renovated, based on the specifications of those utilizing the space," said Annette Samuels, Barry's press secretary. "There was no overall plan."

Samuels said John Touchstone, director of the Department of General Services, is developing a separate, overall renovation plan for the five-story building, which officials say needs extensive repairs, including renovation of its heating and electrical systems.

No cost estimates were available for those projects.

City officials said they have been holding down some costs for the work now being done by using city high school students who are working under an education-training program and are not being paid.

Some furniture is being reupholstered by inmates of Lorton Reformatory.

Costs for the mayor's top-floor conference room, which is getting a facelift of hardwood paneling and recessed lighting, soared after workers found holes in the ceiling.

"You could see the sky," one of the mayor's aides said.

Much of the renovation--which includes new walls, doors, carpeting and furniture--is being done in the fourth-floor offices of Alphonse G. Hill, deputy mayor for finance, and Ivanhoe Donaldson, deputy mayor for economic development.