An incorrect address was listed yesterday in an article about a gambling raid in Montgomery County. The address of the house raided by police is 1752 Glastonberry Rd., Rockville.

Four Montgomery County residents -- including a pharmacy manager, a Navy analyst, a liquor distributor and an unemployed builder--were arrested Wednesday night on charges of running an illegal sports betting operation, county police reported.

Warrants for the arrests were obtained after undercover officers from the three jurisdictions placed bets with the group, police said.

Investigators said the group allegedly was taking bets by phone of up to thousands of dollars per customer for national and college sports events. The group was allegedly dealing with "established" customers including "some pretty influential people who are well known in the community," Lt. Daniel King said.

Vice detectives said they began a a series of search-and-seizure raids at a house at 1750 Glastonberry Rd., Rockville, where they arrested Lawrence D. Myers, 37, manager of a pharmacy in the District who lives at 2606 Calgary Ave., Kensington, and Jack Glick, 54, an unemployed builder who lives at 9415 Quill Place, Gaithersburg.

Officers then arrested Joel M. Whitcup, a 34-year-old liquor distributor, at his home at 522 Pooks Hill Rd., Bethesda, and Dennis Goldstein, a 34-year-old Navy Department analyst, at his home at 10079 Maple Leaf Dr., Gaithersburg.

Police said the four were charged with illegal betting and were released later Wednesday night with the agreement that they would return on the appointed court date or would pay bonds ranging from $10,000 to $50,000.

King said the arrests were the result of a four-month investigation that also involved vice officers from the District and Prince George's County.

King said the vice squad expects to make additional arrests related to the alleged gambling operation.