When the parking enforcers put a ticket on a car in a tow-away zone, the main thing that usually happens is that the car is towed away.

But not so an aging Chevrolet, D.C. tag 738-995, that has sat for at least two weeks in a tow-away zone on 22d Street NW between L and M streets. Despite its location, which is hardly in one of the city's more remote quarters, and the fact that the car has four tickets under its windshield wiper and a bright orange "TOW" sticker on its rear window, it has remained undisturbed in its metered parking space since at least March 14.

Two of the tickets indicate that the ticketing officers called for tow-aways, which weren't done.

As of yesterday morning there were four tickets under the car's windshield wipers: one for the lack of a front license tag, three for parking violations. The real mystery is why there weren't tags for every day, every hour, and every rush hour since March 14, which might make the cost of the tickets more than the value of the car.

Watch this space Tuesday to find whether the car is still there.