A Washington man who was fatally shot by police Wednesday night after he attacked two officers with a knife was identified by authorities yesterday as Malcolm Acee, 23, of 1518 Gallatin Pl. NE.

Acee was shot twice in the incident, which occurred after two officers stopped him for making an illegal left turn about 10:30 p.m., police officials said.

After being shot, Acee ran from the officers and was accidentally struck by a car driven by a private investigator, police said.

Acee was declared dead at D.C. General Hospital shortly afterward, and yesterday the D.C. medical examiner's office said he died of the bullet wounds, and not the injuries from the car.

The incident occurred after two police officers in a patrol car, James Washington and Darryl Evans, stopped Acee's auto after it had made an illegal left turn from Bladensburg Road onto Benning Road NE.

The officers asked Acee to sit in the back seat of their patrol car as they checked his license and registration, according to police.

As Acee got into the back seat, "he crouched over like he was going to lie down, on his stomach," said Deputy Chief Carl Profater of the police department's 5th District.

Suspicious, Washington ordered Acee to leave the car, Profater said. Acee lurched backward, pushing Washington, and emerged with a five-inch-long knife, police said.

He slashed at the two officers with the knife, police said, and both officers drew their revolvers and fired. Acee was struck in the right arm and the right shoulder, with the second bullet traveling through his chest, but he managed to run west on Benning Road.

Meanwhile, Curtis Prince, a licensed private investigator and special police officer, who was driving west on Benning Road, saw Acee fighting with the officers and heard the shots, police said. Prince said in an interview that he yelled to Acee as he was driving that he was a police officer, but that Acee continued to run.

"He darted right in front of my car," said Prince. "It was not intentional that I ran him down."

Prince said he was traveling about 15 miles per hour when he hit Acee, and that he had braked in an attempt to avoid hitting him. Acee jumped up after being hit and then collapsed, police and Prince said.

Both Washington, 40, a 13-year police veteran, and Evans, 30, who has been on the force for seven months, have been put on administrative leave with pay pending an investigation, which is routine in a police shooting. Washington fired at Acee three times and Evans fired five times, police said, but it is not clear which shots hit Acee.

Police said they found a knife sheath in the officers' car after the shooting, and found the knife under Acee's body on Benning Road.

Acee's mother, Russia, said in a telephone interview last night that her son had been mentally troubled in recent years, and that she had tried several times to obtain psychiatric treatment for him.

She said Malcolm, the youngest of three children, had been studying early child development at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania until about 2 1/2 years ago when he suffered a "nervous breakdown from straining too hard to make good.

"The school sent him home . . . and school psychiatrists wanted him to see a doctor here," Mrs. Acee said.

She said her son had visited a number of area doctors, including one at the National Institute of Mental Health, but otherwise had rarely left the house.

Recently, Mrs. Acee said, she had sought to obtain a court order to have her son committed to St. Elizabeths Hospital, but was unsuccessful.

The case is to be presented to a grand jury, police said, adding that they do not consider the officers or Prince to be at fault in the incident.