In what turned out to be the not-quite-routine order of business, a man was stopped for a traffic violation in Richmond over the weekend. He had almost collided with a police cruiser driven by city police Sgt. Arthur D. Roane.

The man produced a Virginia driver's license bearing the name of William Douglas Beverly. Roane, suspicious, asked the driver for Beverly's mother's address. The driver then gave the correct address. Roane then arrested the driver.

The driver, it turns out, had encountered--from his viewpoint--the wrong cop. Roane is William Beverly's cousin, and Roane's asking for the mother's address was his way of checking his suspicion and trapping an apparent impostor, who turned out to be identified as Donald Arthur Hagins of New Jersey.

Making a long story short, it turned out that a mutual relative of Sgt. Roane and Beverly had dated Hagins, and she had provided enough information to permit Hagins to go to the state motor vehicle office and get a replacement for an allegedly "lost" permit in Beverly's name.

Roane said a check showed Hagins is wanted in Bergenfield, N.J., on warrants alleging fraud and stolen-property possession. To that, add five charges in Richmond growing out of the driver's license caper.