To honor the 102nd birthday of Kensington's oldest resident, Mayor Lynn Raufaste proclaimed March 29 as "Emile Jerabeck Day" at last week's Town Council meeting.

At Jerabeck's birthday celebration, Raufaste gave him a proclamation, along with a resolution passed by the Maryland General Assembly recognizing his birthday and offering congratulations. The bill was introduced by Sen. Margaret Schweinhaut (D-Montgomery).

Raufaste said Jerabeck also received greetings from President Reagan and Rep. Michael Barnes (D-Md.).

At last week's meeting, the Town Council also adopted Montgomery County's regulation regarding the size of address numerals on buildings.

The resolution, passed by a vote of 3-to-1, establishes six inches as the minimum size for numerals on commercial buildings and three inches as a minimum for private homes.

"It's for safety reasons, so emergency vehicles can find the buildings faster," Raufaste said. The Keningston fire department recommended the proposal to the Town Council, she said.

"The businesses that have complied have done it uniformly. They look nice," said Raufaste of the new numerals. "It makes it very easy to find the buildings."

Raufaste said there probably will be no penalty for failure to comply, but both the town and the county will enforce the regulations.