Fairfax County Police Chief Carroll D. Buracker yesterday ordered unspecified disciplinary action against the second of two officers allegedly involved in "indiscretions" with two female members of police-sponsored Explorer Scout units during a weekend ski trip. The other officer was dismissed from the department last week.

Police spokesman Philip Lively refused to disclose what type of disciplinary action would be taken against the second officer, but said he will not be fired.

Buracker approved the disciplinary action yesterday after a review of a proposed sanction that followed an internal investigation of the trip. The chief has refused to describe or characterize the incidents that allegedly occurred on the trip other than as "indiscretions."

Other police officials familiar with the investigation said the two officers, who accompanied members of the Law Enforcement Explorer Scouts on a two-day ski trip to Pennsylvania in February, engaged in oral sex with two female members of the units. The two Scouts, police sources said, were 16 and 18 years of age.

Sources said the officer who was dismissed had been involved in the incident with the 16-year-old.

Police have refused to release the officers' names, saying the investigation is a personnel matter and can remain secret under Virginia law. Both of the Scouts involved have been removed from the Explorer posts, police said.

Buracker said the department's internal affairs division began an investigation of the outing after officials "picked up" rumors from participants.

Although the police department has said it has informed the county prosecutor's office about the offense, prosecutors said they would take no criminal action against the officers because the events occurred out of state.