People interested in participating in a lottery to sell the first moderate-priced house designed and built by Montgomery County students must fill out and return an application by April 22.

The four-bedroom house is being marketed through the county government's Moderately Priced Housing Program. Located at 2401 Kansas Ave., Silver Spring, it is priced at $75,000.

Potential buyers must meet income limit requirements that range from $27,900 for an individual to $35,900 for a family of five.

The house is the seventh student designed and built house by the Montgomery County Students Construction Trades Foundation Inc.

The house will be financed with a below-market-rate mortgage loan provided by the Housing Opportunities Commission, which sells tax-exempt bonds to provide funds for lower interest mortgages.

Although the special rate mortgages HOC offers to moderate income, first-time homebuyers are restricted to a maximum house price of $70,000, the HOC voted to make an exception on the student-built price limit.

Once applicants are certified to be included in the lottery, which is to be held June 1, they also will be eligible to buy any of the 500 to 600 units offered through the Moderately Priced Housing Program each year.

For more information on the lottery, call 279-1254.