A pair of Metro employes who deserve a public pat on the back: Mico V. Johnson and John L. Hudson.

Johnson wins plaudits for his performance the other morning as he drove a downtown-bound D-2 bus.

According to passenger David Ash, of Northwest, Johnson not only called out all the stops as he made them, but he also provided full information on which buildings were nearby and which buses you could transfer to at each stop.

The topper: Johnson wished a good morning to every passenger as he or she got on. And he told everyone exiting through the front door to have themselves a good day.

Hudson's commendation comes from Col. John K. Carney of Springfield.

The colonel was trying to get out of the Clarendon subway station one recent afternoon. To do so, he had to use an Addfare machine. But it must have been hungry, because it ate one of his hard-earned quarters.

"I told the friendly attendant," Carney writes. "He immediately went to the machine, opened it, and pushed several levers, but there was no loose quarter around.

"Said he: 'If it goes into the lock box, it can't be retrieved, but I can fill out a form and get a refund.' I said I didn't want to bother, but he said, 'Nothing to it.' So he brings out an official envelope, I fill in my name and address, and that was it.

"There are still some helpful people in this area, and one of them works for Metro."