A Prince George's Circuit Court judge sentenced a former Greenbelt woman yesterday to serve a minimum of eight years in prison for her conviction in two unsuccessful murder-for-hire attempts on her husband last year, one at Landover Mall and one at the couple's apartment building.

A jury convicted Leslie Boyd Andrews, 26, in February of attempted murder and conspiracy in a plot to have a friend shoot her husband, Phillip Andrews, 26, an insurance agent and part-time model. Judge Vincent J. Femia ordered Andrews to serve two concurrent life terms in prison, but he suspended all but eight years of the sentence.

At a hearing yesterday, Andrews, dressed in a purple and white dress, tearfully pleaded with Femia for leniency. Andrews, who has been in the county jail since her conviction, promised to devote her life to counseling the troubled women she had met there. Andrews' two sisters and her father, Ernest Boyd, who were seated in the courtroom, cried as Andrews spoke, but Femia was not swayed.

"Leslie Regina Boyd Andrews," Femia said, then paused before declaring, "you are indeed an enigma!"

"The worst day you spend in jail, and you will be there for a few years, will not be nearly as bad as being shot dead by a .357 magnum," said Femia, referring to the type of weapon that was used in an earlier attempt on Phillip Andrews' life. Later in the hearing, Femia called Leslie Andrews' actions "crimes not of passion, but of deliberation."

The earlier shooting, one week before the Jan. 28, 1982, Landover Mall incident, occurred in front of a Southwest Washington apartment building where Leslie Andrews was living at the time. Phillip Andrews was wounded in the right shoulder. Leslie Andrews was charged by District police with assault with intent to kill in that incident.

In a statement made to police when she was arrested, Leslie Andrews said that she had hired Terry Tyrone Brown, a former psychiatric counselor with St. Elizabeths Hospital, to shoot her husband at Landover Mall. But her father, who lives in New York State, learned of the plot and alerted county police, who sent several police cars to the mall and apparently deterred the attempt on Andrews' life, according to court records.

Andrews then took her husband to their apartment at 10005 Greenbelt Rd., in Greenbelt, police said. As Phillip Andrews opened the outer door of the building, a rifle shot flew over his shoulder and through the doorframe, according to police. The couple found a note on their apartment door asking them to call county detectives, who were following up on the call about the Landover Mall incident. They later charged Leslie Andrews with attempted murder.

Terry Tyrone Brown, who allegedly was to receive $2,000 for the shooting, will be tried in the County Circuit Court on conspiracy and attempted murder charges later this month.

At her trial, Andrews, who pleaded not guilty to the charges, testified that she had a lighthearted discussion at a dinner party with Brown about murdering her husband. Andrews, a businesswoman and accounting technician, contended that she did not think that Brown had taken her seriously until the first shot was fired at her husband.