The Rockville City Council is considering a zoning amendment for procedures to regulate lots split between the city and Montgomery County.

The amendment was proposed to resolve confusion regarding the development of property at Gude Drive and Southlawn Lane, which straddles the city limits. Burgundy Park Associates, owner of a shopping center on the property, is building an addition within the city boundaries.

The amendment is "merely an effort to create a procedure," to deal with the situation of dual jurisdiction, said William Chen, attorney for the firm.

The zoning amendment would allow the part of the lot in the city to be regulated under Montgomery County laws in effect in 1971--as opposed to current county zoning requirements--because that was when the original structure was built, according to the Rockville City Planning Commission.

The amendment would apply only to this property because the 11 other instances of dual jurisdiction in the city involve residences.

The city Planning Department said in its staff report that the amendment might be used to obtain zoning permits for uses that would be inappropriate for the lot under city zoning ordinances.

Chen said Burgundy Park has no specific plans for the addition, and the owners are not proposing industrial use for the lot.

In another hearing, several residents asked the City Council to place the Dawson Farm in the historic district to preserve the property.

"The houses are important architecturally. Let's preserve what we have while there's still time," urged Frank Gallagher, whose ancestor built one of the houses.

The council will decide the matter later.