This is the last weekend you'll have a chance to view the Alexandria Sculpture Festival that has been on display since the beginning of April. All you need are your feet because you stroll through downtown Old Town and a little luck that it won't rain.

The festival is produced by the City Council together with civic organizations and includes 80 works by area artists. The pieces are displayed in office buildings and museums as well as in waterfront parks.

Start at the Lyceum, that wonderful Greek revival building at Washington and Prince streets. You can pick up a map at the information desk there and you're on your way. Don't be discouraged by the fact that there are only seven pieces set up here. It's just the beginning.

If you can make it to the festival before Saturday, you'll be able to see what's on display at the Athenaeum (those works will be removed over the weekend). It's worth the effort, as the works there are particularly interesting.

One of the most pleasant aspects of the festival is it takes you around picturesque Old Town at the same time as giving you an entertaining scultpure show. Make sure and stop at the various parks where there are large outdoor scuptures to enjoy. The last stop, perhaps after lunch or a picnic should be at the new office building called VVKR. The exhibit here is easily the festival's grand finale. The sculpture is as progressive as the building itself and the lobby provides great museum space.

A varied program of band music, ranging from strolling musicians to a jazz band, will be offered this weekend, too. When you start out, just as what events are scheduled for your day. So, to get used to being out of doors, the Scuplture Festival is the perfect excuse.

For more information, call 549-0206 or 548-0035. OTHER EVENTS:

* Woodbridge Art Guild Outdoor Spring Art Show. May 21 to 22. For more information, call Kristyna O'Hop, (703) 590-1452.

* Gallery West, "Transformations." Through May 5. For more information, call 549-7359.

* The Art League, "16th Annual Patrons Show." For more information, call 292-5309.

* The Athenaeum, "Matisse Prints: 1903-1929." For more information, call 548-0035.