A life-sized effigy of Soviet leader Yuri Andropov with a rope around its neck was found yesterday in the hallway outside the offices of the Soviet news agency Tass in the National Press Building at 14th and F streets NW, authorities reported.

Building security guard Bill Mann said last night that he "received a call that there was a dead body in front of Tass on the eighth floor," and upon investigating discovered the effigy and notified police shortly before 6 p.m.

Police said they cordoned off the upper floors of the building for more than two hours as members of the Bomb Disposal Unit X-rayed and dismantled the dummy, but no explosive was found. A Tass reporter arrived to unlock the office, Mann said, so police could check the end of the rope, which wound from the effigy's neck through the mail chute in the door.

Mann said the "dummy in a brown coverall" was stuffed with newpapers and had a "round piece of plastic" for the head with a picture of Andropov from a magazine as its face. A name tag on the right chest pocket of the coverall bore the Soviet leader's name, Mann said, and words that also appeared to be cut from a magazine were taped to the left sleeve. Some of these read "Yugoslavia," "Afghanistan," and "Communist Aggression," he said.

According to police, a note on the dummy said a group calling itself "Together International" left the effigy. They said they had not heard of the group before.