Admissions officials from as many as 10 Virginia state-supported senior colleges will fly about the Old Dominion in a state-owned aircraft on Friday to visit four community colleges in an effort to recruit more black students for the 1983-1984 academic year.

John Casteen, the state education secretary, said the tour is part of a campaign to convince a federal judge that Virginia is making every effort to carry out the college desegregation agreement between the state and the federal government.

Casteen said the admission officers will try to sign up blacks who want to transfer to senior colleges that have traditionally been white. He said they will also try to recruit whites who want to go to predominantly black colleges.

U.S. District Judge John H. Pratt said steps will be taken to cut off $100 million in federal funds unless Virginia by early next year can show substantial progress toward meeting fall enrollment and hiring goals.

The four community colleges to receive airborne visits are Eastern Shore at Melfa, Lord Fairfax at Middletown, Blue Ridge at Weyers Cave and Patrick Henry at Martinsville. All finish their academic year this month. The state's 19 other community colleges also are scheduled to be visited by admissions officers later this month.