It was election day in many suburban Maryland municipalities yesterday, and some heated races ended in ties and one was decided by a single vote.

The ties came in races for local council in Colmar Manor and Mount Rainier. The apparent winner by a single vote was in Cheverly.

Following are the unofficial election results:

Barnesville: Commission President Elizabeth Tolbert and commissioner Peter Menke were reelected, and L. Jerome Offet won in the town's write-in balloting.

Bladensburg: William R. Seymore, a two-term council member, defeated Della L. Buscher, another current council member, for mayor. Larry T. Lyons beat ex-chief of town police Reagon Henry in Ward 2, and one-term council member Timothy McNamara beat Kay McEntee, a 40-year resident of the town.

Brentwood: Mayor George Denny was elected to his second term over John Bennett. In Ward 1, John Farrel was unopposed; in Ward 2, incumbent Robert Powers won out over Louise Mohammed, Thelma Hammond and Raquel Bywater. In Ward 3, Lydia McConnell was unopposed, and incumbent Jane Moden defeated Earl Purks in Ward 4.

Cheverly: Incumbent Mayor Robert W. O'Connor was unopposed, as was Francis H. George in Ward 1. In Ward 3, incumbent Dorothy H. Ryan won by one vote over Joseph P. White. Political newcomer Patricia J. Glazer won, defeating Arthur G. Sands, a former council member, in Ward 6. On an advisory question, voters decided overwhelmingly that "small trucks" will not be allowed to park on residential streets.

Colmar Manor: Interim Mayor Joseph S. Anthony won his first mandate unopposed. In Ward 1, Michael Irwin defeated incumbent Ruth Merkel; in Ward 3, incumbent Robert H. Camp lost, but his challengers, Juliann Bethea and Benjamin Reading tied at 43 votes each.

District Heights: William E. Hay, a former commissioner, beat incumbent Mayor David H. Goldsmith. In Ward 1 Donald E. Martin defeated incumbent E. Kathleen Shoap by three votes; Monroe G. Chew IV beat Charles L. Hudson and William Arthur Welch in Ward 2.

Edmonston: Paulette G. Horan, a life-long resident, beat three-term Mayor William E. Gibbs. Margaret Sullivan was unopposed in Ward 1, in Ward 2 Richard Marion won a two-year term and Joseph Horan won a one-year term.

Fairmount Heights: Mayor Robert R. Gray was unopposed, and the three available council seats went to George Davis, who won a second term, former member George Wicks and Margaret Brooks--the only candidates to run.

Glenarden: The new mayor will be former council member Stanley D. Brown, who defeated council member James C. Fletcher for the job. Incumbents Dennis C. Smith and Marvin F. Wilson beat Rose C. Cherry for council seats at large. Robert M. Blue and incumbent Jean Eason defeated Elaine Carter for the two Ward 1 council seats. In Ward 2, D. Vi Davis and incumbent Anthony Johns were elected. Incumbent Andrew Ward was reelected in Ward 3

Hyattsville: Incumbent Mayor Thomas L. Bass defeated Francis X. Geary and Eugene Logan Jr. In council races, Peter Voigt beat Timothy Adams in Ward 1; Spencer Hines, Mary Prangley, Russell F. Koon, and Jeremiah F. Harrington, were reelected unopposed to four-year terms in Wards 2, 3, 4 and 5, respectively.

Laytonsville: Mayor Charles T. White and council member Mark Miner were reelected unopposed. Michael Mancusco took a council seat for his first time.

Morningside: Gerald A. Glaubitz, mayor for 23 years, was again elected, defeating Michael W. Miller. Carol Kline, a newcomer, and incumbent James M. Musser defeated Everett Gatta for two-year council terms.

Mount Rainier: Mayor Lavinia (Linda) Nalls was defeated by Stanley Prush, a one-term council member. In Ward 1, Donald E. Hibbard tied with Incumbent Frances T. Plumer, each getting 55 votes. In Ward 2, Doyle Niemann beat incumbent Charlotte McDonald. In Ward 3, Alice M. Zickafoose defeated incumbent Robert J. Creamer and in Ward 4, Jon J. Moran defeated William S. Hardy, Karl H. Matthes and Melinda Miles.

New Carrollton: Incumbents Robert M. Potter, and William J. McEwen and John J. Temple won council seats unopposed. In a ballot question, voters decided the city should accept the former Princess Garden Special Education Center from Prince George's County to be used as a city hall, counseling center and meeting place for civic groups.

Riverdale: Mayor Guy Tiberio was elected to his fifth term, defeating Howard Simons, a former council member. Council members David D. Brandt, Edna F. Wade and Franklin M. Creegan ran unopposed, while Terry Sheehan beat Mark Mazz for an open seat. Jim Allen beat Robert D. Terwilliger, while Louis Moschetto beat Peter Shookner and Christopher Cavanaugh.

Somerset: Incumbents Stanley Baldinger and Rowland Roberts and newcomer Charles Lerner ran unopposed for council seats.