The College Park City Council approved measures last week to facilitate a 10-kilometer run that R.J. Bentley's restaurant sponsors each spring, said city public service director Donald Byrd.

The Baltimore Boulevard restaurant's fourth annual 6.2-mile race through College Park is scheduled for this Saturday.

Proceeds from the event are to be donated to the city and to Children's Hospital in Washington.

Last year, the restaurant gave the city $2,000 that it raised from the run, Byrd said.

The money is spent on the city's Fourth of July celebration each year.

Among the measures the council approved was the suspension of parking meter regulations throughout the city from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday to ease parking for spectators and runners.

In other business, the city arranged to hold its Fourth of July celebration in Byrd Stadium on the University of Maryland campus.

The also council unanimously agreed to support two zoning amendments last week for Clark Enterprises, a construction company.

The amendments, which would settle a 3-year-old disagreement between Berwyn area residents and Clark Enterprises, amount to a compromise.

They provide for a 30-foot-wide buffer zone between the company's storage site and nearby residences, Byrd said.

The buffer zone would extend south from Greenbelt Road to Potomac Avenue near the Berwyn railroad tracks. Clark Enterprises will offer the land in the zone to the residents or to the city if the residents do not want it, Byrd said.

The City Council recommendation must be approved by the Prince George's County government before the amendments are implemented.