Former Prince George's County corrections director Arnett Gaston, who resigned under pressure in March, submitted a final report to the county this week in which he defended his tenure and criticized county leaders for publicizing an audit by the National Sheriffs' Association that criticized his department.

Gaston prepared his 20-page report at the request of County Executive Parris Glendening.

"It is unfortunate that the report was not appropriately analyzed by the executive branch prior to releasing it to the media, for such an assessment would have . . . indicated that the greater majority of the problems found within the department are neither of the department's making nor within its control," Gaston said. He said the report contained "significant errors."

Auditors said the jail met only about half the association's criteria for a well-run facility and said the problem "lies not only with the first-line supervisors but from top to bottom, beginning with the director of the center."

At the time the audit was performed, Gaston was being criticized for problems at the jail, including an escape and an attempted escape, and reported sexual assaults among male inmates that were detailed in a Washington Post series of articles. Gaston said at the time that he did not believe the assaults had occurred.