Joseph Canzeri's recently published remark about his distaste for pink flamingos continues to come home to roost, so to speak. And now the roosting place might be the White House lawn--if a practical joker has his way.

A classified advertisement published a few days ago in The Culpeper (Va.) News appealed for owners of used pink flamingos to send them to "J. Canzeri, White House, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C."

That's where Canzeri used to work as an assistant to President Reagan. Now employed in the private sector, as they say, Canzeri was quoted last month by Post "Personalities" columnist Chuck Conconi as saying he didn't mind who bought a mansion near his Georgetown home as long as they didn't plant the shlocky birds in their yard. Canzeri returned home from an overseas trip eight days later to find 10 of them in his own front garden.

Canzeri chuckled when told of the ad, which, according to assistant White House press secretary Mark Weinberg, hasn't attracted any flamingo donors to the presidential mansion. Culpeper News publisher Joe McCaffrey said that the woman at the front desk said "a well-dressed gentleman with a beard brought this ad in, paid cash and left." That's a fair description of me, but, honest, I didn't do it.