A neighbor says he told Roddy Hayden and his family several years ago, "Every one of you is going to wind up in jail."

Today, Hayden, a Charles County gutter repairman with a third-grade education, and all three of his sons are indeed in jail, charged in connection with one or more of three homicides.

And Hayden's wife is dead, a victim in one of the crimes.

"It's an extraordinary situation, to say the least," said Charles County State's Attorney Steve Braun, "with everyone in a family charged with murder."

In the latest in a three-year string of alleged misdeeds, Hayden, 39, and his oldest son, Kevin, 17, were charged Wednesday in connection with the execution-style slaying of a La Plata teenager found in a ditch in St. Mary's County with a bullet through her temple.

Sgt. C.J. McDevitt, the police spokesman, said the girl, Brenda Sue Meadows, 17 and a runaway, was Roddy Hayden's girl friend.

Hayden, charged with first-degree murder, is being held on $350,000 bond. Kevin and three others were charged as accessories, which prosecutor Braun said carry up to life sentences upon conviction. McDevitt identified them as Kenneth Hill, 24, and Terri Lee Namyst, 17, both of Waldorf, and Evelyn Yoezel, 15, of White Plains, all being held on $100,000 bond.

McDevitt said Meadows and the other youngsters were staying at the Haydens' faded wood-and-brick rambler in the tract-house community of Newtown, five miles from La Plata.

McDevitt said police allege that Meadows was shot early Tuesday morning, apparently after a series of quarrels, and that her body was placed in a van and later dumped in nearby St. Mary's County, where it was discovered shortly after dawn.

It is the second time Roddy Hayden has been charged with the shooting death of a teen-ager.

McDevitt said that in 1981 he pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the slaying of a 13-year-old boy that police said he discovered sleeping in a summer home he owned at Golden Beach near the Patuxent River.

In that case, Hayden was given a three-year suspended sentence and five years of supervised probation by Calvert County Circuit Court Judge Perry Bowen.

Caught with a handgun in 1982, a violation of probation, Hayden was ordered to serve his three-year sentence, according to Pam Daymude, Calvert County court clerk.

Daymude said Hayden went into Calvert County jail Oct. 22, 1982, but was released 13 days later to make funeral arrangements for his wife, who was shot to death in the same house where police say this week's killing occurred.

Fifteen-year-old Steven Hayden was charged, as an adult, with first-degree murder in the death of his mother.

He is awaiting trial in the same jail that his father and older brother were placed this week. His 13-year-old brother has been sentenced as a juvenile in the death of his mother, police said.

Freed for his wife's funeral, Hayden was allowed to stay out of jail, until this week, the court clerk said..

A neighbor, who asked not to be identified, said the Hayden house has been the scene of loud parties for the last six months. Police seized substances they believe to be PCP and LSD when they searched the house Wednesday morning.

The neighbor said a number of teen-agers used the Hayden house as a refuge. "Roddy was the kingpin, being older.

What he said went," said the neighbor, who said others in the neighborhood would not speak out for fear of reprisals. "It was, 'You want a place to stay? Here it is, and this is how it's going to be . . . .' "

Today the Hayden house was quiet. Two decaying gutter service trucks and the green conversion van in which police allege the Meadows' body was carted away were parked in the yard, along with a rusty, chopped Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Paint peeled from the front door and along the eaves of the house.

Also quiet was the Meadows house in La Plata. Police said the slain girl's parents had gone to a memorial service for Brenda at Westbrook Hospital in Richmond, an acute-care psychiatric hospital where Brenda had recently been a patient.

Police in Charles and St. Mary's counties worked together on the Meadows case. Charles County police investigated the discovery of a blood-soaked sleeping bag near Newtown Tuesday morning while St. Mary's officers investigated the discovery of the body less than 10 miles away.

Police said a witness had seen a green van near where the body was found. That and other witness information was enough for search and arrest warrants, police said, and they raided the Hayden house early Wednesday morning and arrested everyone there.