A screaming man trapped beneath his burning sports car on a Virginia road was rescued about 2 a.m. Saturday by four other motorists who lifted the vehicle, pulled the man free and smothered the flames on his clothing and hair.

"The car was on fire, but these men disregarded that and went in there and pulled him out," said Bedford County Sheriff's deputy C.A. Dellinger, who investigated the accident.

Those who stopped their own vehicles and joined to lift the burning car included J.T. Dooley, Rick Agee , and Gary DeSimone, all of Bedford. A fourth man who participated was not immediately identified.

Dooley and his wife were the first to stop. They said that even with their windows rolled up they could hear the victim's screams. Dooley said he tried to lift the car himself but it was too heavy, and his wife went to summon help.

Dellinger said last night that Dooley, Agee and the unidentified man raised the car, and DeSimone pulled the victim free.

According to Dellinger, the victim's car apparently struck an embankment on State Rte. 460 in the Thaxton area. Dellinger said the victim was apparently thrown out of the car, which apparently rolled onto him.

The man who was trapped, Mark Williamson, 18, was listed in stable condition yesterday at Roanoke Memorial Hospital with second and third degree burns on his head and body.