D.C. police have arrested a man and a woman in Northwest Washington and seized cocaine worth more than $1 million in what narcotics investigators describe as the city's biggest cocaine arrest this year.

Police arrested Calvin T. Brockdorff, 26, and Carol Snyder, 19, both of the 1000 block of 22nd Street NW, and charged them with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, said D.C. police spokesman Jim Battle.

Armed with a search warrant from D.C. Superior Court, narcotics investigators took three pounds of cocaine packed in five bags from the 22nd Street NW apartment, as well as an electronic scale and $2,500 in cash, Battle said.

Narcotics officers said they believed the apartment was a "stash house," but said they do not know whether the suspects were part of a larger drug-selling operation.

Officers also found 1.3 ounces of cocaine in Brockdorff's car, parked nearby, police said. That amount would fetch about $39,000 on the street, police said, and the three pounds would bring about $1 million.

A D.C. Superior Court judge ordered Brockdorff held on $75,000 bond yesterday, officials said, and Snyder was released on personal recognizance.

Neither of the two arrested could be reached for comment.