The Fairfax Board of Supervisors is scheduled to sort through a long list of proposed road improvements today to decide which should receive funds from a bond referendum passed last November.

County officials have warned that money from the referendum would be insufficient to cover all 63 road improvement projects the county would like to undertake, and staff have drawn up a priority list of 42 projects.

Supervisor Joseph Alexander (D-Lee), said he was "satisfied" with the list, which he said included all his top priority projects.

However, Supervisor Audrey Moore (D-Annandale) said she was concerned about the rankings, which placed the Guinea Road and Burke Road intersection in seventh place, among intersection projects, and the Zion Drive and Guinea Road intersection in 10th place in the "Spot Safety Improvements" category.

"I'm going to scream and yell about that," Moore said. "They're dangerous. I really think they should have higher priority than what they've gotten."

The 1982 bond referendum raised $2.6 million for design and engineering work on roads. However, county staff estimates that engineering work on all 63 projects planned by the county would cost at least $4.4 million, and possibly more.

The county staff has divided the 42 projects to be funded into a total of five categories, ranging from safety improvements to bottlenecks to Metrorail-related improvements.

Within those categories, the projects were then ranked, based on the severity of the problem, estimates of costs and judgments regarding which projects appear to be the quickest to implement.

If the supervisors approved the rankings, the projects on the bottom of the list would be the first to be cut if the costs of higher priority projects were more than estimated.

The top priority projects on the list included making Blake Lane, near the Vienna Metrorail stop, four lanes and extending it to Rte. 50; and making Gosnell Road four lanes between Old Courthouse Road and Dawson Street; improvements to the intersection of Rte. 50 and Graham Road, to the intersection of Buckman Road and Russell Road, on Backlick Road between Old Keene Mill Road and Hooes Road, and on Hillside Drive between Old Keene Mill Road and Pohick Creek.

Projects that did not make the county staff list, include making Rte. 1 six lanes between Mount Vernon Highway and Belvoir Road; Ox Road four lanes between Burke Lake Road and the Southern railroad; North Kings Highway four lanes between Rte. 1 and Telegraph Road; and Cumberland Avenue four lanes between Old Keene Mill Road and Amherst Avenue.

Other projects that would not be funded by the 1982 bond money under the staff proposal, include intersection improvements at Backlick and Hooes roads, a proposed pedestrian bridge over Rte. 50 near Jefferson Village, a pedestrian bridge over Rte. 123 in McLean, noise walls on I-495 between Gallows Road and Rte. 236.

Here are the projects, by category and priority, that have been slated for funding: Metrorail station access:

Blake Lane

Haycock Road Increased road capacity:

Backlick Road between Old Keene Mill Road and Hooes Road, excluding Amherst Avenue connection)

Lee Chapel Road between Burke Lake Road and Old Keene Mill Road)

Reston Avenue between Fox Mill Road and Sunrise Valley Drive)

Rolling Road between Burke Road and Burke Lake Road) Improvements to traffic flow:

Gosnell Road

John Marr Drive between Backlick Road and Ravensworth Road. Intersection improvements:

Rte. 50-Graham Road

Franconia Road-Commerce Street

Rte. 7-Baron Cameron Avenue

Rte. 50-West Ox Road

Rte. 123-Old Dominion Drive

Backlick Road-Edsal Road

Guinea Road-Twinbrook Road-Commonwealth Avenue

Rte. 236-Olley Lane

Telegraph Road-Rose Hill Drive

Rte. 1 signal system

Rte. 29 signal system

Rte. 1-Belvoir Road Spot Safety Improvements:1. Intersections:

Buckman Road/ Russell Road

Columbia Pike/Old Columbia Pike/Lincolnia Road

Rte. 1/ Buckman Road (2 intersections)

Lincolnia Road/Chambliss Street/Beauregard Street

Hooes Road/ Rolling Road

Lewinsville Road/ Spring Hill Road

Guinea Road/ Burke Road

Old Dominion Drive/ Swinks Mill Road

Franconia Road/ Clermont Drive

Zion Drive at Guinea Road

Cherokee Avenue/ Edsal Road2. Segments:

Hillside Drive

Shiplett Boulevard/Capella Avenue

Electric Avenue between Woodford Road and Cedar Lane.

Hunter Mill Road

Shirley Gate Road

Prosperity Avenue

Electric Avenue between Woodford Road and Chestertown Drive

Burke Road

Poplar Tree Road

Pohick Road

Fleet Drive