The Laurel City Council last week voted to double the fine on motorists who illegally park in spaces designated for the handicapped from $25 to $50.

"The council doesn't have much sympathy for people who take advantage of these spaces," said Kristie Mills, assistant to the mayor.

This increased fee was one of many the council approved to generate revenue for the city.

Laurel will hold a final public hearing Monday on its proposed budget and is expected to approve a final version of the budget then.

The council also decided to increase the license fee for video games and pinball-type games in arcades. The old $25 license fee, which applies to each machine in an establishment and must be paid annually, was raised to $50.

Mills said the council plans to consider further regulation of arcade games because of complaints of minors loitering in stores and skipping school.

The council also increased the fine for leaving a vehicle unattended in a city street from $10 to $50 and increased parking meter violations from $10 to $15.

The council also approved a property tax increase of 10 cents per $100 of assessed value, and has projected the additional revenue from these increases into next year's budget, Mills said.