An Adelphi woman who sued Arlington County after she was strip-searched in the county jail has settled her complaint out of court for $13,000, attorneys in the case said yesterday.

The woman, Jane Ballou, 21, contended that her constitutional rights were violated when she was jailed last September after she was stopped in Arlington for a speeding violation and was found to be driving with a suspended license.

Ballou was forced to strip to her underwear during the search by a woman officer in the detention center's holding area, according to her attorney, Ben DiMuro.

Ballou contended in her lawsuit that the search violated the jail's own policy, which limits such searches to cases in which officials have reason to believe a person possesses weapons or other contraband.

In December 1980, the county sheriff's office abandoned a policy of strip-searching all persons held in the county jail.

After the incident, Arlington correctional officer Linda Wilson, who conducted the search, was reprimanded, lost a week's vacation and was suspended for a week.

The settlement awards Ballou $12,000 from the sheriff's department, which runs the jail, and $1,000 from the county magistrate who ordered her jailed.