Two men charged with kidnaping a Maryland woman and holding her for eight days after robbing the drug store where she worked surrendered yesterday to heavily armed Pennsylvania state police at a rural store west of Gettysburg, Pa.

After notifying police they wished to surrender, the two suspects in the kidnaping of Carroll Hively of Taneytown, Md., were waiting in front of the Franklin Township, Pa., store about 7:45 p.m., unarmed and with their hands in the air, according to state police.

The arrests came after a two-day search of the Pennsylvania area where Hively was freed on Wednesday.

Cpl. Edwin P. Karr of the Pennsylvania state police said the suspects, identified as Olon Hill Jr., 36, and Jimmy Edward Simpson, 39, told him they gave themselves up because they were afraid of being shot by searchers.

Karr said the suspects told him they were watching from nearby woods last night as police arrived, in response to a tip, to search a house in a rural area about 13 miles west of Gettysburg.

Although it was unoccupied, there were signs someone had recently been inside the house in Franklin Township, police said.

Karr said the suspects went on foot to the "Mom and Dad"-style store about one mile away across a hill, and asked someone there to call the state police in Gettysburg.

"They wanted to make a deal with us," said Karr. "They would give themselves up if we wouldn't shoot them. We agreed," he said, and "they agreed to wait in front of the store with their hands up."

Karr said the suspects were taken into custody without incident. They were "very cooperative," he said.

The suspects were being questioned by FBI agents last night at the Gettysburg office of the Pennsylvania state police. They were expected to be held last night at the York County, Pa., jail, and to be presented before a federal magistrate in Harrisburg, Pa., today in connection with a federal charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, the FBI said.

Andy Manning, a spokesman for the FBI's Baltimore office, said it was expected that the two would then be returned to Maryland, where he said the state police have obtained warrants charging them with kidnaping Hively and the May 10 robbery of the pharmacy where she works.

Earlier yesterday, law enforcement officials said they believed that after being kidnaped Hively was taken to Tennessee, and that one of her abductors and possibly both robbed a grocery store in Rutherford County, Tenn.

Law enforcement authorities said they believed that the brown Ford Pinto spotted in front of Barrett's Grocery store in Rutherford County, southwest of Nashville, was the same vehicle in which Hively was abducted at gunpoint during the robbery of the Taneytown Pharmacy.

Truman Jones, chief deputy sheriff for Rutherford County, said two men entered the grocery May 14 and one of them produced a handgun. The robbers "took all the money in the place," he said. In the car outside, he said, a woman and child were waiting, and "we're pretty sure the woman was Mrs. Hively."

Authorities said that Simpson, one of the two men arrested yesterday in Pennsylvania, attended high school in Rutherford County.

Hively was released unharmed Wednesday morning in Gettysburg, after an eight-day ordeal in which she spent much of the time blindfolded, without knowing where she was, according to the FBI.

She was reportedly threatened with death if she attempted to escape.

A relative said yesterday that the 41-year old woman, who had been described on Wednesday as in good shape physically but "in rough shape" emotionally, was "coming along."

The FBI said last night that it still had no idea why she was taken.