The flowers are in full bloom at Gallery 4 in Alexandria. That's where "Garden Landscapes," a collection of bright, colorful and innovative watercolors and oil paintings by local artist Carrita Smith, is on view.

Smith takes the garden theme and allows it to blossom. Drawing from Monet's well-known paintings of his gardens in Giverny, France, Smith's "At Giverny" is a fine example of her more realistic style. Her "Summer Garden," a smattering of color and form, conveys the beauty of the wild shapes, hues and tones found in nature.

Smith said of her work, "I see landscapes as abstract patterns. As part of my work, I feel it is up to me to find them." In "At Johnson's II," Smith does just that. At close range, it is difficult to perceive. But step back about 10 feet and the pice takes on new dimensions, successfully embodying the natural shapes of plants in a random setting with surprising symmetrical balance.

Smith's work demands a lot of space. Gallery 4 is just shy of providing it, so the show seems at times to overwhelm the rooms where it hangs.

"Garden Landscapes," by Carrita Smith, through June 18 at Gallery 4, Alexandria. For more information, call 548-4600.

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