Timothy Buzbee regularly used the desk where police found a credit card allegedly stolen from one of the Aspen Hill rape victims, a secretary at the land surveying company where Buzbee worked testified yesterday.

Buzbee, a 26-year-old land surveyor from Frederick, is on trial for the rape of a 39-year-old District woman in the Aspen Hill area on March 9 last year. The credit card the victim said was taken at the time of the rape was found after Buzbee's arrest in a drawer of a drafting table at Almar and Associates in Gaithersburg.

But under cross-examination by defense attorney John C. Monahan, the secretary, Sandra Weikel, acknowledged that other employes often rummaged through the drawers of the desk looking for paper clips and other office supplies.

She also said that employes sometimes went into the basement drafting room to watch a television that was sitting on Buzbee's desk. She also said that several employes had keys to the office and on occasion she had arrived to find the building's doors unlocked.

Weikel testified that around the time of the alleged rape Buzbee was driving a silver Toyota Tercel that belonged to the company. The victim has testified that her assailant drove a small silver car that she said looked like a Honda. Weikel said Buzbee often used the car to drive between work and his home in Frederick.

Prosecutor Barry Hamilton pointed out the gold-rimmed glasses Buzbee was wearing in court yesterday and asked if Weikel had seen Buzbee wearing them prior to his court appearances. Weikel said Buzbee had worn glasses with dark brown plastic rims--a similar description to that given by the victim.

The victim has also described the man who raped her as having a stubbly beard; prosecutors questioned Weikel about Buzbee's facial hair. She said he normally grew a beard in the winter but at other times wore only a mustache. She said he was normally clean-shaven, but on a few occasions arrived at work without having shaved. "He shaved pretty regularly," she said. "Once in a while when he got up late, he didn't shave . . . ."

Earlier in the day a forensic chemist for the Montgomery County police said she was unable to determine the assailant's blood type by analyzing stains of seminal fluid on the victim's clothing. Hair samples from the victim's clothing and body did not provide any evidence, she said.