College Park officials are again trying to annex some neighborhoods northwest of the city, this time leaving out the subdivision that blocked such a move last year.

The City Council considered legislation last week authorizing annexation of Crystal Springs, an area of nine blocks. Some residents have petitioned to become part of College Park, City Administrator Leon F. Shore said.

"I guess there are some dissenters in there, but 25 percent have asked to" be annexed, he said. The neighborhood of Acredale Court, a cul-de-sac of houses west of the city, also would be included, Shore said.

Another subdivision, Acredale, with twice the area of Crystal Springs, scuttled the city's attempt to annex all three neighborhoods last year, when Acredale residents had it placed on a referendum March 29 and voted against annexation.

Homeowners in the area being considered would become subject to the city's property taxes, which remain steady at 47 cents per $100 assessed value.

"Not only do you get the trash service but snow removal," Shore said, naming some city services. "I'm not putting the county down, but we do it more often and more quickly. The services to the home are considerably more than the taxes they would pay," he said.