If an American film company can get away with depicting Harpers Ferry, in the West Virginia mountains, as a Mississippi River town--as this column reported recently--a British film company probably can't be faulted for filming in Richmond and saying it's both Dallas and Washington.

To take it from the top, Britain's Central Independent Television will film major portions of a production called "The Kennedy Years" in Richmond, starting June 13 and continuing for seven weeks. The three-part series will be shown on British television next November, the 20th anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination in Dallas.

"Locations here in Richmond are so right for us," producer Andrew Brown said. "The countryside is so right. It's just a wonderful central location for so much." Local residents will be hired as extras.

While the site for filming the actual shooting has not been chosen, the entrance to the old Medical College of Virginia Hospital will depict the exterior of Parkland Hospital in Dallas, where Kennedy died.

Federal and state office buildings will be used to recreate Washington scenery, producer Brown said, asserting that "It is difficult to get access to public buildings in Washington."

A few scenes will be shot in Washington, Brown said. After all, the Governor's Mansion can't replicate the White House.