Stephen A. Armstrong (R), 50, of 6936 Chestnut Ave., Falls Church, is an attorney in private practice. He spent 20 years in the Marine Corps, attaining the rank of major, and holds two master's degrees. He has been active in the PTA and worked on the Fairfax County school budget committee. Answer: Because I both live and work in Providence, I am better prepared to serve our district. I support an elected school board. I am committed to a war on drug use and alcohol abuse. Real estate taxes carry too large a share of the county tax burden and must be reduced. The liberal Democrat incumbent, James Scott, has left a 12-year legacy of overspending, high taxes, ill-considered welfare housing schemes, and inadequate transportation planning. My primary opponent calls himself "Mr. Republican," but has been rejected in four consecutive attempts to win election to the Fairfax County Republican Committee. I support the voters' right to adopt and repeal laws by referendum. He opposes it. I support establishing a much needed independent county auditor. He opposes it. I favor re-evaluating the county's commitment to an excessive share of the metropolitan area's welfare housing. He says he isn't even familiar with it. John D. Austin, Jr. (R), 36, of 3257 Holly Berry Ct., Falls Church, is an attorney and vice president of the American Mining Congress. He was chairman of the Providence District Republican Committee for three years, and has been a delegate to state and local Republican conventions. Answer: I am the Providence District Supervisor candidate who is best able to fight escalating property taxes, restrain growth in the county bureaucracy and address the other real issues which concern our residents. The present supervisor has gone off on tangents and has failed to provide leadership where we have needed it--taxes, schools, jobs, transportation and safety. My opponent in the Republican primary has been a Democrat precinct captain and until recently was supporting Democrat candidates. I have been a leader in the community and in the Republican Party, serving as Providence District chairman. I am the only candidate with a lifetime commitment to the Republican principles of limited government, free enterprise and individual liberty who would be certain to adhere to those principles when elected. I will improve public participation procedures--controversial plans such as public housing projects will not be kept secret.