Lonnie B. Bridges (R), 40, of 120 S. Hughes St., Hamilton, is director of buildings and energy management for the Loudoun County public schools. He is a former member of the Warren County Planning Commission and was vice chairman of the New Market Planning Commission. He previously worked for the state Highway Department Answer: I am a candidate for the Virginia State Senate because it is time for a change of representation in the 33rd District. The incumbent has been in office for 12 years--this is a long time to hold this office and still be able to view objectively the needs of the people of this district. I believe that we need new leadership and direction on the floor of the Virginia State Senate. My experience and background qualify me to best represent all the people of this district in Richmond. I am a former employe of the Virginia Department of Highways and Transportation, and past member of two planning commissions. Presently, I am the director of buildings and energy for the Loudoun County public schools. I have worked with the people who plan Virginia's transportation system and with school administrators and officials. I have the credentials, the background, and the experience to do a good job in Richmond. I feel that my experience will be of great benefit to the people of the 33rd Senate District. Daniel K. Moller (R), 33, of 1623 Apricot Ct., Reston, is an attorney with the firm of Garver & Moller in Reston. He is a graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center. He previously worked on the staff of former U.S. Sen. Edward Gurney and in the office of the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms. Answer: Our district is suffering from a chronic case of too little, too late. The fellow representing us in the state Senate now simply has not been on top of things. Take transportation, for instance. When the incumbent was elected in the '70s, commuters could zoom eastward down Rte. 7. Today, Rte. 7 is a virtual parking lot at rush hour. And, due to his oversight, huge double-trailer trucks may soon be pounding down Rte. 7 and Rte. 50. I feel there must be a sensible, realistic and viable alternative. I, for one, cannot wait for others to solve our area's problems. As a practicing attorney, I have experienced the duty and responsibility of fighting to protect individuals' private interests. Now, I can put that same skill and devotion to use as a state senator representing our entire district. Instead of shrinking away from responsibility, I will take action to get the job done. It is the only way to progress.