Gwendalyn F. (Gwen) Cody (R), 61, of 3703 King Arthur Rd., Annandale, was elected to the House of Delegates in 1981 and defeated in a bid for reelection last November. She is employed as a public policy research analyst, and is a member of the Dulles Airport Committee. Answer: Why elect Gwen Cody? Cody is an effective, respected leader. Her legislative, professional, community, volunteer and political activities uniquely qualify her for reelection to the House of Delegates. For years, Cody has proved she backs up caring and commitment with action. She is a team player with flexibility and common sense who has established rapport with Republican and Democrat colleagues.

* Legislative: Cody articulated, as a legislator, the concerns of the Northern Virginia taxpayers and focused on legislation to remedy the problems of single-family and multi-unit residences.

* Professional: Cody, a research analyst, formerly was a corporate trade analyst and government historian.

* Political: In 1981, Cody was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. In 1980 she was a Reagan district director. Cody has been a party activist. Among the many candidates Cody has campaigned for are: Sens. Warner and Tribble; Reps. Broyhill and Wolf; Govs. Holton and Dalton; Attorneys General Coleman and Durrette. Lynne E. Purvis (R), 40, of 6305 Beachway Drive, Falls Church, sells real estate for Mary Price Realty. She worked as an assistant legislative aide during the 1983 General Assembly, and was elected last year to the Fairfax County Republican Committee. She was a flight attendant before starting a career in real estate 6 years ago. Answer: Our purpose in the primary is to select a candiate who can and will win the November election. That person should have broad appeal, and an inquiring, reasonable attitude on the issues. My background for this task suggests both precept and example. Leadership requires an open mind. Common sense yields good judgment, but only for those willing to listen. I plan on leading and listening. My roots spring from traditional Republican views, exemplified in the worth of the individual. Single and narrow-issue candidates have no place in the Northern Virginia constituencies, for the simple reason that they are not effective. While her running mates swept to victory in the last elections, my opponent not only lost, but lost as an incumbent. Her views and past voting record will be of no use to us. Voters are seeking to tell us something; they want diligence and reason--and those I offer.