Philip L. Chabot Jr. (D), 32, of 2201 Sherwood Hall La., Alexandria is a lawyer. He is a member of the Fairfax Uniformed Officers Retirement Board, and is active in the Fairfax Democratic Party. He received a law degree from the University of Virginia, taught law at American University, and worked as a U.S. Senate aide. Answer: In part because the federal government is turning more and more responsibilities over to the state, the election of a delegate is more important this year than ever before. Mount Vernon needs an effective delegate who will work to obtain full state funding of mandated educational requirements as well as modification of highway fund formulas, and who can take an active role in setting our priorities in the use of federal block grants. No other candidate can rely upon the depth and variety of experience which I have gathered in local, state, and national affairs--all of which will best enable me to join with others throughout the state to help build a new coalition in the assembly dedicated to dealing with these and other issues. Louis K. Rothberg (D), 33, of 2609 Redcoat Dr., Alexandria, is a lawyer and former House of Delegates legislative aide. He is past president of Alexandria Young Democrats and serves on the board of the Alexandria Jaycees. He is a graduate of the College of William and Mary school of law. Answer: I already have a record of legislative achievement in the Virginia House of Delegates. While legislative aide to Del. George Grayson (D-Williamsburg), I developed an idea and wrote the language that became the Virginia Senior Citizens Higher Education Act of 1974. This law enables Virginia senior citizens of low and moderate income to attend state-supported colleges and universites and obtain academic credit, free of charge. While legislative aide to Del. Marian Van Landingham (D-Alexandria), several of the bills I suggested or worked on with the delegate were enacted into law. My primary opponent cannot match my Richmond legislative experiences. I am committed to action in the assembly on reform of the state criminal justice and judicial system; maintaining an educational system that attracts the best teachers and provides the highest quality education; protecting our environment; passage of ERA and vigorous enforcement of all civil rights laws; comprehensive transportation system for Northern Virginia, including completion of, and state funding for, Metrorail; granting counties more autonomy to deal with local issues. My legal and proven House of Delegates experience combined with my commitment to progressive leadership on our problems, make me the best choice for Mount Vernon's member in the Virginia House of Delegates.