Thomas E. Giska (D), 34, of 5868 Kara Place, Burke, is a counselor in the Fairfax County public schools. He has been involved in youth recreation programs and worked summers for the National Drug Abuse Training Center. He is a member of the Springfield Democratic Committee. Answer: The Springfield District needs a supervisor who will not waffle on major issues such as the Springfield bypass. We need a supervisor who will do the research and involve citizens before taking a position and voting. We need a supervisor who will work with state officials to seek changes in tax formulas, elected school boards, restructuring the State Corporation Commission and the Department of Highways. We need a supervisor who will work to increase the tax base by attracting more high technology/light industry into Fairfax. By increasing the tax base we can keep taxes down and pay public employes a competitive salary. Tom Giska will be that kind of supervisor. He is a positive thinker and will form citizen study groups to improve highways, developments, police and fire services, as well as schools and parks. A vote for Tom Giska is a vote for yourself and a vote for better county government. G.T. (Gerry) Serody (D), 47, of 8628 Nanlee Dr., Springfield, is a pharmacist and president of Landmark Professional Pharmacy Inc. He is a member of the Springfield Democratic Committee. Answer: When I announced my candidacy for the Democratic nomination to represent the Springfield District on the Farifax County Board of Supervisors, I said: "If elected I will be a forceful and effective advocate of Springfield needs." Those needs are not being met by our present supervisor. Among the many problems that have worsened in the past eight years are traffic congestion, overdevelopment and a lack of adequate mass transit. We need new leadership. I can provide that leadership. Because of my many years of residency and community involvement, I will attract the broad-based consensus that is vital to solve these continuing problems. I am not the candidate of any special interest group, and thus have attracted support among a wide group of people. Because I own my business, I can spend the time necessary to see that the Springfield District's needs are attended to on a daily basis. These are some of the reasons that my candidacy deserves the support of the residents of this district.