Elaine N. McConnell (R), 56, of 8533 Tuttle Rd., Springfield, is owner of Accotink Academy, a private institution for preschool, learning-disabled and emotionally disturbed children. She is on the West Springfield Police Advisory Board, and an adviser to the Small Business Administration for the D.C. region. Answer: The most important reason why I should be elected to office instead of my opponent is that I would bring to the Board of Supervisors 20 years of experience as a businesswoman managing my own businesses with 180 employes, which means careful budget planning and execution through good years and bad; the ability for long-range program planning; innovative thinking in terms of education programs; a sensitivity to the needs of people, coupled with the art of listening to and solving problems; a wise application of the demands upon my time; the ability to delegate responsibilities; the recognition and utilization of talent in others; established techniques in team building; the setting and achieving of goals--both short and long term, and the capability to apply all of this to the task of being a district supervisor when that task is approached in the light of my ever-abiding belief in a government of and by the people, not "in spite of the people." Marie B. Travesky (R), incumbent, 51, of 8800 Law Ct., Springfield, was elected to the Board of Supervisors in 1976. She is president of the Virginia Association of Public Transit Officials, vice president of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, and a former member of the Fairfax County School Board. Answer: The challenges of the next four years require strong, experienced leadership, which I can provide. My record shows that I have taken the lead in finding imaginative, common-sense solutions to our problems. To ease traffic congestion, I have worked with citizens to provide better bus service, more commuter parking and ride-sharing, and selected road improvements. I have worked to ensure that this district gets its fair share of public facilities, and have set into motion planning for the Centreville-Chantilly area so that as growth occurs, the necessary parks, schools, and road improvements will be constructed. I will continue to insist that the tax burden on our residents and businesses is kept as low as possible, while maintaining our AAA bond rating and providing the highest quality schools and services. I will also continue my efforts to preserve agricultural and forest lands in the county and protect our clean water supply.