Lee T. Keyes (D), incumbent, 64, of 45 Morven Park Rd., Leesburg, is seeking his fourth four-year term as revenue commissioner. He worked in the county revenue office for eight years before becoming commissioner. He is an Army veteran and a member of several fraternal organizations. Answer: I believe myself to be the most competent candidate due to my experience in the administration of seven major programs. My primary and general election opponents are both retired persons who would have to begin a learning process that I began 20 years ago. This office is the primary source of local revenue for the county. It employs 25 people, working in harmony, providing services, while doing both state and local work. It serves 60,000 people in a timely manner and has an excellent record for the quality of its service. I am hopeful and also confident that the citizens of the county do not want this service interrupted or curtailed by an inexperienced commissioner. John S. Witul (D), 66, of 44 Fairview St., Leesburg, is a retired license inspector for the revenue commissioner's office. Answer: When a person has been in office for an excessive number of years, they have a tendency to take matters for granted and become stagnant insofar as the office is concerned. I hope, with the help of all the taxpayers and office personnel, to make this a more progressive operation. I will make an effort to place competent personnel in strategic areas to assist taxpayers with their state income tax and other problems, when it becomes a difficulty for them to come to Leesburg, which is the only location at present. I will also make every effort to meet with local groups of taxpayers to try and increase their knowledge of the functions of the commissioner's office in regard to state and county laws and the requirements of each and every taxpayer and resident of the county. I have worked in the office of Commissioner of the Revenue for over nine years and have acquired considerable knowledge of the functions of this office. I am asking for your help in the June 14 primary as well as the November election.