Robert E. (Bob) Murphy (R), 49, of 3446 Courtland Drive, Falls Church, is owner of Celtic Imports, a wholesaler and distributor of products imported from the British Isles. He graduated from George Washington University and previously owned several furniture stores in the Washington area. Answer: I am a good Republican. I am conservative, with a strong sense of compassion and justice. I would like to see spending curtailed and less regulation by government. I support most of the domestic policies of our president and I think he is doing a good job. I would like to go to Richmond and do your work. I will do it with skill and with enthusiasm. I will be articulate and I wil be persuasive. I will be concerned when you are concerned. I will be outraged when you are outraged. I will try to lighten your load and enhance your security in life. I will serve no other master, no lobby, no pressure group. I will represent the people of the 34th Senate District and no one else. I have intensity of conviction, clarity of phrase, a love for Virginia and enthusiasm that is contagious. John W. Russell (R), 59, of 3505 Cornell Rd., Fairfax City, is mayor of Fairfax City and a former member of the School Board and City Council. He is a member of the Northern Virginia Transit Commission and is on the board of the Washington Metropolitan Area Council of Governments. Answer: The wide difference in qualifications, such as: held an elected Virginia office; policy-making experience on interstate and intrastate agencies for Virginia; served on Virginia legislative drafting committees; policymaking experience in relating public budgets to needs/desires and setting tax rates; served on the City-County Republican Committee helping other candidates; legislative experience in Virginia. I have lived in the 34th District for 24 years, and I am the only Republican candidate who has ever voted in a primary in this district. E. Joseph (Joe) West (R), 42, of 6316 Lakeview Dr., Falls Church, is a chartered financial analyst with an international investment brokerage firm. He is a member of business and development councils advising Rep. Frank Wolf and Fairfax Supervisor Tom Davis. He has been active in the Young Republicans. Answer: In today's environment, a financial talent is a needed talent in the legislative process. I can bring a financial expertise to the increasingly difficult fiscal, economic and tax problems that face this commonwealth, thus offering a genuine service to the taxpayers. For each political party, the overriding consideration in a primary election is to select that candidate who can most effectively win the general election in November. I have a demonstrated ability and desire to conduct the most effective and extensive campaign for the Republican Party. My promise to Republicans that I will exert my best efforts to win the general election is realistic: already, I have spent over four months of nearly full-time work in obtaining the best available political advice from known experts and Republican leaders, organizing a solid core campaign staff, and planning the strategy and tactics necessary to with both the primary and the general election.