James F. (Jim) Boyd (D), 46, of 220 No. Lincoln Ave., Sterling, is owner of the Dominion Skate Centers in Sterling and Dumfries. He is a member of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee and is making his second bid for election as sheriff. Answer: My candidacy for sheriff of Loudoun County challenges the people of Loudoun County to go beyond police background. As a businessman and resident of Loudoun County for the past 15 years, I am the candidate that the people will evaluate by administrative ability and a reputation of stability, integrity, honesty, involvement, performance, sincerity and dedication. I know the needs of Loudoun County and I know the needs of the Sheriff's Department. I can serve those needs by providing sound administrative leadership and utilizing the talent that already exists among the department personnel. The Virginia Code requires no law enforcement background for this important office, but our state does expect our citizens to reach into our commmunities for leaders who know their neighbors and know the problems of the community first hand. I have raised my family in Loudoun County and my daughters and grandchildren want to raise their families here. As a citizen of Loudoun County, my contention is that we must elect and support a county-involved man. One who lives, works and serves the people of Loudoun County. I, Jim Boyd, am that man. J. Roger Etienne (D), 29, of 81 Shenandoah St., Leesburg, is special projects director for Universal Printing Services, Inc. He was a state trooper for five years and prior to that was employed by the FBI. Answer: Soon after being assigned to Loudoun County with the Virginia State Police, I realized that Loudoun County's Sheriff's Office was lacking in professional police procedures in areas such as hiring, training, criminal investigation and public relations. There were some very competent and dedicated officers, but the intradepartmental environment did not allow any incentive or motivation for improvement. I have lived in Leesburg for seven years and in Virginia for 12 years. I am proud to call this area home. I feel that my experience as a trooper in Loudoun County gives me the advantage over the other candidates. But above this, I have come to realize through this experience that the sheriff should be a person to have a good working relationship with county officials, sheriff's department personnel and the public. He must dedicate some of his personal life to his work and must project professionalism and leadership. I respected my work as a state trooper and know that I can represent the office of sheriff. I have witnessed the problems of the Loudoun County Sheriff's Department and know what areas of law enforcement demand immediate change or improvement. I don't want to sound self-congratulating, but I have the knowlege and character that this job will demand. John R. Isom (D), 41, of 1212 E. Kennedy Rd., is a captain in the Fairfax County Police Department. He has a bachelor's degree in justice from American University and an associate's degree in police science. Answer: To be employed in any management position requires that an applicant substantiate expertise through education, training and successful experience. The process of being elected sheriff should be based upon the same close scrutiny of individual qualifications. I have a bachelor of science degree in justice and an associate's degree in police science. I have also successfully completed many other formal courses in the field of law enforcement and corrections. In addition, I have over 20 years of progressively responsible experience in law enforcemnt. I entered the Fairfax County Police Department as a patrolman following graduation from high school and I am currently a captain in charge of major law enforcement operations. No other candidate for the nomination for sheriff has comparable qualifications. To sucessfully manage the diverse requirements of the position of sheriff of Loudoun County, a person should have extensive experience and training. I have these qualifications.