Last Friday we brought you the results of the Great Airport Race, morning edition. You'll recall that the American Automobile Association's Potomac Division dispatched 18 drivers in the morning and evening rush hours to the area's three airports to test driving times.

"On the average," AAA reported, "it is better to use National Airport in the morning than in the afternoon. Average travel time to National increased three minutes in the afternoon, while travel time to Dulles and BWI Baltimore-Washington International Airport decreased, or improved, by nearly five minutes.

"Dulles and BWI are impressively competitive and often offer the best service for suburbanites around the Beltway. For example, AAA's driver from Wheaton to National averaged 56 minutes in the two rush hours , while Wheaton drivers arrived at Dulles and BWI in only 43 minutes."

The overall morning and afternoon averages from the six departure points: BWI, 52 minutes to travel 38.4 miles at an average speed of 44.5 miles an hour, including walking time at the airport; Dulles, 49.7 minutes to travel 31.3 miles at an average speed of 38 mph, and National, 37.5 minutes to travel 12.7 miles at an average speed of 20.4 mph. Inside the Beltway, National won, hands down.