Nora Taylor of Bethesda sends a postcard (how few of those nowadays!) making an interesting point about MetroScene's item and other news reports on the closure of East Executive Avenue to traffic. The street is between the White House and the Treasury.

" . . . Why has no one mentioned West Executive Avenue?" asks reader Taylor. That street, which ran between the White House and the gingerbready old State, War and Navy building--now the Old Executive Office Building--"used to be an open street also."

"As far as I know, it has been closed to the public since Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941," the day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Taylor writes. "I was in a car parked there while attending a concert in Constitution Hall that afternoon. When we came back to the car, there were guards posted and only the driver was allowed to go get the car."

According to my information, the street was later reopened, but in the Truman years was closed again, mainly because Old State had effectively become an annex to the White House and security was simplified by keeping both in the same compound.

Anyhow, West Executive Avenue never was as handy a cut-through for commuters as East Executive. For many trying to get to work each day from the 14th Street corridor, the closure of East Executive Avenue is a really big pain in the access.