A former star wrestler at Oxon Hill High School was sentenced yesterday in D.C. Superior Court to 25 years in a federal prison for his participation last year in the burglary of a Northwest Washington home in which a woman was repeatedly raped and her 9-year-old daughter sexually assaulted.

Terrence R. Hansford, 19, who pleaded guilty to first degree burglary while armed in the case, will be eligible for parole immediately under terms of the Federal Youth Corrections Act. The federal parole board will determine at what point he is actually released. Court officials said the average prison stay under the act is about three years.

In setting the sentence, Judge Fred B. Ugast ordered that no matter when Hansford is released, he remain under strict federal supervision until he is 44 years old.

"I am so deeply concerned by the horror of this offense that I find it difficult to reach a conclusion," Ugast said at the sentencing. "The heinousness and the terrible terror of this incident must be recognized. Nothing I can do. . . can adequately compensate for the harm done the victims here."

Hansford's family members, who were present in the courtroom along with Hansford's former wrestling coaches, burst into tears as Ugast announced the sentence.

Originally charged with armed robbery, assault and rape, Hansford had faced a maximum term of life in prison.

It is still unclear how Hansford, who graduated with a B average last June from Oxon Hill and had no previous criminal record, became involved with four other young men accused of what police have called "a rampage" of rapes and robberies committed in Washington last year.

Hansford told Ugast earlier he "wasn't thinking" the night of Sept. 8 when he used the 1976 Chevette his parents had given him for graduation to drive four other men to the home in Northwest where a housewife was raped and forced to commit oral sodomy and her daughter assaulted in her upstairs bedroom while her husband was bound in the basement.

The house was ransacked. Hansford acknowledged participating in the burglary, but said he did not assault any occupants of the house.

Hansford's codefendants have pleaded guilty to charges stemming from that incident and three others in which victims were raped and robbed at gunpoint in their homes. Those defendants are awaiting sentencing.

"This was a night of terror for this family," said Ugast. "One cannot review the recital of the events of that evening without somewhat trembling at the experience of those individuals."

Assistant U.S. Attorney F. Joseph Warin had asked for an adult sentence, saying that Hansford had helped plan the burglary. Hansford's attorney, Gary M. Sidell, asked for probation.

"I participated," said Hansford. "I'm sorry I did."