Howard County police arrested three North Laurel residents yesterday and seized two quarts of liquid PCP disguised as a lime-flavored drink, a department spokesman said. Police said the quantity was enough for 600,000 doses and could have sold for $2 million.

Police Maj. James N. Robey said the arrests marked the fourth time in as many weeks that investigators seized lab equipment and a quantity of the drug in the North Laurel area near the Prince George's County line.

"This quantity of PCP was one of the largest this department has ever confiscated," Robey said. Several weeks ago, Howard officers seized PCP valued at $2.4 million at a North Laurel residence.

The arrests ended a month-long investigation prompted by information from Prince George's police, Robey said.

Arrested and charged with manufacturing PCP were Douglas Fred Ganim, 30; his wife, Joyce Ann Ganim, 34, and Annette Sue Wren, 24, all of the same Canterbury Riding address in North Laurel, police said. The women were being held today at the Howard County Detention Center in Jessup in lieu of $250,000 bond. Ganim was being held at the jail without bond, police said.

Robey said glass lab equipment found in the house was used to convert PCP crystals into a liquid. Police said they also confiscated a quantity of parsley flakes, which they said customarily are soaked in PCP and then smoked.

The drug was found stored in a small bedroom refrigerator in two quart jugs of a popular lime-flavored drink, Robey said, and it had been dyed with food coloring to look like the drink.

Police also confiscated a 1977 Lincoln Continental the Ganims and Wren were riding in at the time of their arrest, Robey added.