So often we hear complaints about Metro that it's nice to be able to repeat a compliment for one of its drivers.

A Northwest Washington woman, who asks that her name not be used, said she was riding a crowded L-2 bus on Connecticut Avenue last week on which three elderly women were standing. "They were very nervous," my correspondent reports, "and one seemed disoriented. . . they did not know where they were going, uncertain if they were on the right bus, and were . . . asking the driver how to get there."

It turned out they needed an L-4, and the driver--later identified as Earle Andrews--flagged one down at a stop signal. "The other driver responding to Andrews' plea to wait for the women called out that he was late, but Mr. Andrews said, 'You can make up the time--please wait until those ladies get on.' "

Andrews "watched carefully until they boarded the other bus safely," whereupon people on his bus began calling out compliments. One said, "Let's all give him a hand," whereupon loud applause erupted.

"It is indeed," my correspondent concludes, "a rare sight to see bus passengers smiling, and this time the whole bus of people felt good."