A Gaithersburg woman who complained that Montgomery County police mistreated her after stopping her for a traffic violation was found guilty by a District Court judge yesterday of three charges, including resisting arrest.

Judge Stanley Klavan fined Beatrice Turner, 33, of 18636 Walkers Choice Rd., $200 for resisting arrest, $50 for failing to sign a traffic citation, $10 for driving with expired license tags and $20 for court costs.

Turner had complained of mistreatment in a letter to Police Chief Bernard D. Crooke after she was stopped on April 26 near her home for driving with expired license tags. Turner alleged the officer, Sgt. Thomas Sittner, yanked her from the car and pushed her to the ground when she did not immediately sign the citation, and that a female officer at the Germantown police station forced her to remove all her clothes and do a series of exercises that Turner said amounted to a "strip search."

Crooke denied that Turner was strip searched and Sittner denied that he mistreated Turner.

Turner's attorney, Robin Ficker, said he will appeal to the circuit court. Ficker said two high school girls, testifying for Turner, said Sittner pushed Turner against her car.

Sittner and several other officers and police aides, a police commissioner, a Montgomery County Detention Center official and a police dispatcher involved in the incident countered Turner's various claims in their testimony, saying Turner was treated in accordance with routine procedure.