A recall effort has been launched against the top two officers of the Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commission in response to a commission vote May 25 to support the Brookings Institution's controversial construction plans for a residential area near Dupont Circle.

ANC chairman Linda Minich and vice chairman Kathryn Ray are the subjects of recall notices filed June 2 with the D.C. Board of Elections.

Backers of the recall effort claim the commissioners didn't represent the community in voting for the Brookings plan to build an office and apartment complex in the area. They also claim Minich violated ANC rules by not allowing comments before the vote.

"The commissioners have a right to vote on matters the way they like," said Renee Schwager, who filed the recall notice against Minich. "We were disturbed at the way they voted, but we were more disturbed that they wouldn't let anyone speak."

Minich, who says the recall effort is being pushed by "disgruntled" residents who controlled the ANC before she became chairman in January, said people attending the May 25 ANC meeting had an opportunity to speak when she called for new information, but they did not.

Ray said she does not expect the effort to succeed. "I've taken my job seriously, and voting my conscience on one issue is not grounds for recall."

Backers of the recall have until July 8 to gather about 100 signatures in support of each recall, and if they are successful, the matter will be decided in a vote by the commission.

Brookings' plan to build the $25 million complex has drawn heated opposition from Dupont Circle activists who claim it will alter the residential character of the neighborhood.